1. Dorobits

1.1 What is "dorobit"?

Dorobits is the new way of gift giving.
The name derives from the greek word "doro", that means gift, and the english word bits. Think of doroBITS as giftBITS.
Dorobits is also the name of the whole system that supports this new way of gift giving. It is the name of the web app and of the android app.
NOTABLY dorobits is also the currency of the system. Once you have had enough dorobits you can exchange this for physical products - gifts.

1.2 How can I collect "dorobits"?

You collect dorobits when you receive "dorICONS". Doricons are small illustrations of physical or other objects. Doricons are virtual GIFTS but unlike other electronic illustrations, they cost real money and they carry a quantity of dorobits, the currency which can be converted to physical products. Whom do you receive doricons from? Of course from the people that have adopted this way of gift giving.

1.3 Why someone to send doricons and dorobits and not e-gift cards?

Both ways have the advantage that leave the choice of gifts to the receivers. Doricons costs €0.20 to €10 and that fact makes affordable the sending of doricons even every day. Perhaps you can find e-gift cards that cost as little. But here we have a platform that makes very easy to people to receive doricons (and dorobits) from many others and to concentrate more frequently and much bigger currency amounts needed for gifts they really love.
But the real irresistible fact about doricons is this: Sending doricons is like sending emoticons but with vastly more capability of expression. Thousands of doricons will be created. That means that you will have a very rich and precise mean to express your feelings. That means that the receiver has also the same possibility. The stream of sent doricons will describe perfectly the history of the relationship and the reciprocity.
You can pay €10 and present 10 roses as a gift. Through doricons, you can send even 50 different illustrations. In the end, she will be able to have again those roses if she likes. Is it the same? In which case do we have richer communication? A better view of the history or judgement? You know, one day you can send a ring, another day an apple, another a chocolate and another a pepper! And so on. Ok, sometimes the 10 roses are better. But, sometimes!

1.4 Dorobits are not transferable

You cannot transfer your Dorobits to other subscribers.

1.5 Dorobits do not expire

2. Doricons

2.1 How can I buy Doricons?

In order to buy Doricons you have to have money in your account "balance". From the main menu click "My Account/Balance" and then, there, click "Add Money". Next steps are obvious. At present you can add money through Paypal using your credit or debit cards.

3. Gifts

3.1 How can I get a gift?

In order to get a gift you have to have at least as many dorobits as the value of the gift in dorobits. From the main menu click "Gifts". In the following screen you will see your dorobits balance, the gifts and their values in dorobits. Check out if you can get one and click … "get it". Put the order. It will be delivered to you for free.

4. International issues

4.1 Your account currency

The currency of the money that you may reserve in your Account Balance is Euro. You can put money in your Account Balance even if of your currency of your country is not Euro by using the Paypal payment method. The exchange rates are determined by Paypal. We do not charge any fee for the exchange process.

4.2 Free Delivery Anywhere

We take care of the gifts are included in the gift list to have global presence so that the gifts are delivered for free anywhere by local trustworthy retailers. We are not involved in products transportation, handling, or delivery. When you will have enough dorobits and exchange them for a gift, you will declare a full address for delivery. We shall put an order of your gift to the proper e-retailer (e.g. Amazon or Macy’s or Home Depot etc for US) and we shall pay for its delivery to your address. We shall provide to you any information and any assistance that may be needed.

5. Dorocodes

5.1 What they are and what to do when you receive them

When someone is not a subscriber cannot collect dorobits. If a subscriber wants to send her doricons (which always transfer dorobits), he have to send her a message to his e-mail address.
Then a dorocode is sent simultaneously. This code contains the information of the sender and the sent doricon (and dorobits).
You can use that dorocode and collect its dorobits. You have to subscribe to Dorobits. You can import the dorocode in the relevant field during signing up process or later. Go to main menu, click "Account/Dorobits" and in the following screen click "Dorocodes". Write in the relevant field your dorocode. Your messages and your dorobits will be updated immediately.

Any questions?

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